Skinny Heels website revamped

Ok, I know it's been a while that Skinny Heels are not active or have lost from the scene, some of you might know about my condition, some might not know, due to my severe rare sickness I can cope and give the best service because my Migraine Associated Vertigo is really bad, am on long term medication. But I am here again to start over, I hope you girls will trust us on giving our best service because I found a partner to handle alot of issues so consider Skinny Heels has been revamped and management has changed.

Sorry for the long rant, anyway here is the new site, We have 60 over designs...still uploading, do check it out and give us some support. Thanks alot for supporting Skinny Heels when it was first lauched! I hope you guys will continue to support us as Skinny Heels strive to get the most updated designs and the trendiest fashion. Thanks and Happy Chinese New Year girls :)