Backorders: Michael Military Jacket and Alexa Rugged Zipper Top!

Hey gurls,

Current status for backorders:

13 Sept - Backorder closed
15 Sept - Order sent to supplier, payment made.
16 Sept - Feedback from supplier - will send it out on Thurs (17 Sept)
18 Sept - Supplier has sent parcel - awaiting for parcel
25 Sept - Parcel has reached. Packing now (will send out on Sat / Mon)
26 Sept - All items sent. Will send the tracking no via email tonight

Confirmed orders:

Micheal Military Jacket
1. Nur Athirah (paid RM75)
2. Ainaa Yahya
(paid RM75)
3. Kaveetha (paid RM80)
4. Nicola (paid RM80)
5. Serene (paid RM82)
6. Tan Beng Huat
(paid RM75)
7. Liyana
(paid RM75)
8. Dorothy
(paid RM75)
9. Nardiani (paid RM75)
10. Daphne Choo (paid RM220 for 3 pieces)

Alexa Rugged Zipper Top (OOS on supplier side - to refund)
1. Jing Wen (paid RM46)
2. Alison Yap
(paid RM46)

p/s: If you have place your order and your name is not in the list above, please email us again. Thanks!